Pathways qualification levels
At SWASFT, we are very keen for our staff to look at ways in which they can develop their careers. There are many possible options open to you; find out more by exploring our recognised Career Pathways.

These Pathways are divided into three main areas, also known as service lines. They are:


  • A & E Services
  • Urgent Care Services
  • Clinical Hubs

In this section of the site you will find an introduction to the most common roles within the three service lines. The aim is to provide a clear guide to the most common career options available to you. You can discuss these with your line manager or with Foundation Trust learning and development staff.

As well as outlining the Pathways, this section will provide more information about the route to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to progress in your career at SWASFT.
This diagram depicts The Ofqual Register which illustrates the level of the qualification, its size and title. For more information about The Ofqual Register diagram visit