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Introducing the Council for Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR)


Who are CAHPR?

We are a network of researchers from a broad range of allied health professions (AHP), including Paramedics, who have joined together to support and develop AHP research, strengthen evidence of the value and impact of our professions and enable our professions to speak with one voice on research issues. We are supported by the College of Paramedics.

What do CAHPR do?

Our primary roles are to:

1. Distribute publicity regarding research participation and training opportunities.
2. Bring AHP researchers together; ranging from clinicians with research ideas and aspirations, but little or no research experience, to established clinical academic leaders with extensive track records and knowledge to share.
3. Act as a source of advice and sign-posting for questions relating to AHP research.
4. Provide a forum for inter-profession collaborative investigation.

If you are interested in research, at any level, you can join the CAHPR (and our mailing list) for free.


Mailing List

If you want to join the mailing lists email and CC the relavent hub leader.

CAHPR Hub Leaders

North (roughly Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire)

  • Dr Jen Pearson – Jen is a Physiotherapist Research Fellow at UWE:
  • If you’re contacting Jen it’s generally best to copy in Jessica Coggins (Executive Support):
South (roughly Cornwall, Devon, & Dorset)
  • Dr Victoria Salmon – Victoria is a Physiotherapist Research Fellow at the University of Exeter:

CAHPR Hub Facilitators

Several members of SWASfT’s research team are ‘hub facilitators’ (points of contact) for the CAHPR. We would all be happy to field enquiries regarding pre-hospital research:

  • Kim Kirby – Research Paramedic: (mainly North)
  • Jonathan Green – Research Paramedic: (mainly South)
  • Maria Robinson – Research Manager: