Why can’t I pick and choose the modules I want to study?

A large majority of the funding for University / Higher Education (HE) Modules comes from external government organisations such as Health Education England (HEE) and Clinical Commissioning groups (CCGs).

SWAST bid for funding to develop our staff, and we have to bid for specific batches of modules, in line with how the funding organisations want us to develop our staff. Normally these organisations have specific national goals or plans they are trying to support us with. They also have to account for all the funding they give out, and this is very hard to do if they just give us free rein in how we spend the money.

SWAST only has a very small budget for CPD, and most of this is spent on small short courses such as PROMPT and pre-hospital burns. The rest of the budget is spent on CPD dept. admin costs to keep the whole thing running.

Do I get time off to attend a course or funded University module?

No, all courses are funded by SWAST unless stated otherwise, but you must commit your own time to attend. Expenses are also not able to be paid by SWAST.

Staff in all areas are welcome to apply for courses in other divisions if you can manage the travel – The filters are there just to show you what is nearest to each division

(Please note – travel costs are only claimable for mandatory training).

SWAST only has a very small budget for CPD, and most of the funding comes from external bids from government organisations such as Health Education England and Clinical Commissioning groups. SWAST bid for funding to develop our staff, and the funding is not given to us to cover backfill.

Why are some courses advertised at such short notice?

Sometimes, funding comes to us at the very last minute, as organisations (as above) ‘find’ surplus funds that they need to be spent. This is often due to other external projects they are managing ending early / coming in cheaper than expected.

The surplus is often offered to us at the last minute if we can spend it. It often comes with certain conditions, such as – we must deliver the training by a certain date so they can account for the money / we must have everyone enrolled by a certain date so they can account for the money.

Although this isn’t ideal for us or you in terms of trying to arrange the courses and giving notice to book on the courses; we would rather take the funding and do our best to get development and education out short notice than turn it down.


Why do you use a lot of social media & ‘funny’ pictures to advertise education? Isn’t this a bit strange for a work education & development site?

We experimented with some ‘memes’ and tried injecting a bit of fun into the social media streams to see if it would generate more interest in the adverts and courses. Using Google analytics / Facebook insights tool & Twitter marketing tools, we were able to track responses and interactions.

We found that the response generated by marketing messages with a ‘fun’ or comical element increased our digital footfall and site hits / interactions / and click-throughs by over 300% compared to simple information marketing.  We admit, we sometimes we don’t get it quite right, but we are learning and love your feedback!

How do I book a course?

To book a CPD Event or one off course

  1. Click on the selected course
  2. Click Book Now’
  3. Select the course date and location. Check the cost if applicable
  4. Select Quantity: 1 in the drop down
  5. Click on ‘Attendee Details’
  6. Check details and click ‘Attendee Information’ and complete the required information, please note your SWAST email address is required for this as well as your Grade (Job Role/Title) and Station.
  7.  (review the terms and tick yes)
  8. Click ‘Overviewand confirm details are correct.
  9. Click Confirm and Complete’
  10. Course registration details are displayed with your unique registration ID. An email should be automatically sent to your SWASFT email account with all relevant details, however sometimes these are being marked as spam and not getting through.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your booking is confirmed email mailto:cpd.admin@swast.nhs.uk

To apply for funding on a University Module

To apply for funding you must complete all of the following steps;

  1. Download the HE CPD Funding Application form 2017 from the course page
  2. Complete Part 1: Applicant Details: Please include the run dates of the module you are applying for.You MUST complete ALL the information in Part 1.
  3. Email the application for to your Operations Manager or Operations Officer so they can complete Part 2
  4. Your OM or OO will then send the completed form to cpd.admin@swast.nhs.uk by the deadline stated on the course page
  5. You will receive an acknowledgement email from the CPD Team
  6. All applications will be considered and you will be contacted to advise you whether you have been granted funding by the CPD Admin Team
  7. You will then need to register for your place on the course or module direct with the course provider or University and specify SWAST to be invoiced

(The application process produces a score and has been approved by HR in line with staff development programs and strategic plans. Highest scoring applicants will be offered places 1st plit by geographic area. If oversubscribed, applicants will be offered places in order of date of application).

I’m having trouble viewing all elements on Learn with SWASFT

We are experiencing problems with Internet Explorer (IE) 8. IT is working hard to fix it. IE 9 and above is freely available to download on your personal computers which should resolve the issues. If this is not possible, please contact the CPPD team at mailto:cpd.admin@swast.nhs.uk  where someone will be able to assist with course bookings and enquiries.

How do I know if my booking went through?

  • When booking online course registration details are displayed on completion with your unique registration ID. This guarantees your place.
  • A confirmation email should be automatically sent to your SWASFT email account with all relevant details, however sometimes these are being marked as spam and not getting through (we are working to resolve this issue).
  • If you are in any doubt as to whether your booking is confirmed email cpd.admin@swast.nhs.uk

How do I pay for a course?

If the course you wish to attend has a fee attached, you should contact the course provider to discuss payment. We only advertise paid courses for other providers that may be of interest for SWAST staff. The CPD department does not take payments.

If a course is advertised as via the Commerical training dept. in SWAST, payment can be made direct to them.

How do I cancel a course?

Please contact the administrator as soon as possible at mailto:cpd.admin@swast.nhs.uk

What if I do not attend a booked course?

Please see Course Terms and Conditions for details.

How do I provide feedback about a course?

  • The Education Team is very keen to receive any feedback concerning courses or the website.
  • Feedback can be given in two ways; either by completing a course feedback form on completion of any courses or if you wish to reflect further and feedback later, you may email cpd.admin@swast.nhs.uk
  • All feedback will be reviewed by the Training Management Team and where possible changes will be made and improvements implemented.

Is uniform required?

This varies depending on the course. Uniform and PPE is always required for the Trauma and Extrication RTC course. You can contact us to check, just email cpd.admin@swast.nhs.uk

General Enquiries

E-Mail cpd.admin@swast.nhs.uk
Office 03003690304 ext 79805 – Monday to Friday
Mobile 07909 890788 (call or text)
Twitter https://twitter.com/learnwithswasFT