Welcome to SWASFT’s L&D website! This is the place to find and book all your development opportunities as a SWASFT staff member. If you are not a staff member yet, check our vacancies.

If you are part of the SWASFT family, our courses are searchable by subject and location. Just choose what you want to do and book your place! Most of our courses are free, however some are self-funded, this will be detailed on the course advert page.

Please be aware that a certificate of attendance for a course does not increase your scope of practice. Some courses are to increase your awareness and others may be subject to the Trusts’ Enhanced Skills Policy (2014). When in doubt, please contact your line manager or any of the divisional L&D Managers. All contact details, including photos, can be found in Meet the Team.

Our job is to help you learn and become what you want to be, but we cannot do it without your help. Let us know what you need and how to deliver it. You can contact us via email at cpd.admin@swast.nhs.uk and Tweet us @learnwithswast or message us on Facebook.